smartKARTA - contactless ATM

smartKARTA in the cooperative bank

smartKARTA in the mobile application of the cooperative bank

Open an account in the cooperative bank, activate the smartKARTA in the mobile application, deposits or withdraw money from an ATM in the full contactless mode

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Benefits of the smartKARTA

Start using Nasz Bank mobile application of the cooperative bank and see how easy it is

Easy to use

Thanks to smartKARTA, you can quickly and safely use your account at ATMs and cash deposit machines of a cooperative bank. All you need is the Nasz Bank mobile application.

Contactless ATM

smartKARTA allows you to withdraw and deposit cash completely without touching the ATM! You do not need a card. Create and confirm the transaction in the Nasz Bank mobile application.

Save time

The entire transaction may take less than a minute. You can withdraw or deposit up to 300 banknotes at one transaction. After the deposit, the money will be immediately on your account.

Always in Your pocket

smartKARTA is always with You. Take the smartphone out of your pocket and start using Nasz Bank mobile application.


How to use smartKARTA?

1. Open the Nasz Bank mobile application.

2. Choose the function smartKARTA and scan the QR code displayed on the ATM.

3. In the Nasz Bank mobile application, select the type of transaction (withdrawal or deposit) and follow the instructions on your smartphone.




Download the application Nasz Bank. Quickly, comfortably and safely use contactless withdrawals or deposits with smartKARTA. 

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